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> True. Have you guys heard of the Philippine Insurgent s the NPA?

        Two actually. One is a Muslim insurgency (consider the Phillipines is
the only predominantly Christian state in SE Asia- insular states tend
be Islamic oriented and Indochina tend to be Buddhist/Confucian) on
the island
of Mindanao. The Moros there have been giving it all since the days
Spain opted
to make the archipeligo a part of its empire and one of the last piece
property subjugated/pacified by the United States during the
Insurrection in the early days of the 1900s.
        The other the Communist new People's Army has been waxing and waning
since Marcos left power and its modus operandi seems to be more in
favor of
kidnapping ethnic Chinese and holding them up for ransom to fund their
war against Manila although one of their hit teams did manage to
Colonel Nick Rowe (who was working as a defense attache at the time).

> These guys patterned their communism after Mao Tse tung.

        A fat perverted butcher who has maanged to kill more people than
Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot combined. Granted Mousey Tongue had a lot
to work with.
        I have little sympathy for Reds in general. Their ability to cause
misery and suffering proves that socialism is about a system where the
wants to give its people less than nothing.

> When I was in college I got to hear these kinds of propaganda (from my dorm mates) a lot.

        Unadulterated horsedung is more like it. College tends to breed it
and the
problem being there too many hippies who forgot the 60s are over.

> When it all comes down to, I'll tell you that some of it makes sense. There si a common denominator
> to communism and that is poverty.

        So instead of adopting economic policies which ensure industrial
growth, consumer
spending, people putting their money in stable financial institutions
they give people car
bombings, kidnappings, and extortion.
        Sounds like a good deal to me... if I was totally braindead. IMNSHO
idiots who quote
the red book or Das Kapital should receive only buckshot and rifle
rounds shot in their

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