garrick lee (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:35:24 -0800 (PST)

in the fashion of lim jyue's and richie ramos' antics,
i was tempted to title this "dr. core's obsession with
panties". :)

*runs away from the doc*

> There are lots of wing sites, but most of them don't
> get anything past
> skindepth,
> Duckflesh asked some questions that probe deeper
> into Wing than anyone else,
> either pro or con, had gone before. I often
> wondered myself, there are so many
> plot holes and nonsense in Wing, why do I still like
> it? If someone can
> write an
> article to counter Duckflesh arguments (rather than
> just poh poh it) that
> will be
> worth more than many of the Wing fansites out there
> combined.

ok, doc, you're on! but it'll take some time to
write. richie, i'm gonna need your help on this one,
since you DID manage to turn fed around regarding
gwing. i hope you're up to the challenge, because i'm
perfectly willing to blackmail you (think of your
kampfer doing ballerina poses and your dom doing the
gigolo bit) if you're not. :D

keep in mind, it won't necessarily be a pro-wing
article, but just one that we hope will put some
objectivity into the great gundam divide that is wing.

er, eh...i just went over to duckflesh's page, and
it's not the same voluminous rant i read some months
ago. the best i can do right now is to counter the
few points that duckflesh left standing...and that's
far too easy to do. (hey, duckflesh, where's the rest
of your rant? :)

> Anyway, I plan to put Richie's yaoi fanfic on NA,
> which should tighten up his
> (and quite a few others on GML) panties real good
> :-)

ok. now THAT's scary.


the unstompable

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