Juan Alberto B. Mercado (juanalberto.m@lycos.com)
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 15:56:57 -0800

>> > ultimately, not all communists are bad guys

True. Have you guys heard of the Philippine Insurgent s the NPA? These guys patterned their communism after Mao Tse tung. When I was in college I got to hear these kinds of propaganda (from my dorm mates) a lot. When it all comes down to, I'll tell you that some of it makes sense. There si a common denominator to communism and that is poverty. The NPA rallies common farmers (the most neglected part of our society) to revolt because the government (and I'm willing to agree on this) doesn't give them enough useful policy and support. In the communist ideology, it is the proletariat who holds power, and everybody gets to share everything (basically). To me this is a notable sentiment, because being part of the agricultural sector for quite sometime, these farmers deserve better. I mean, the Philippines GDP is 40% agricultural. But I also believe that "True" communism is a fantasy,and as many would agree, a nightmare.


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