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You know,
         While it can't really be classed as insomnia per se, in ability to
sleep is one of the plethora of symptoms associated with depression. Often
times, a good night's rest will generate the same sense of "okay-ness" the
next morning as staying up all night and exhausting one's mind. While the
two have opposite effects, they achieve, in general, the same end. It all
depends on how you see the sun rise the next morning.

At 09:02 AM 2/19/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Funny, but true. Stayed up almost all night after my girlfriend broke up
>with me not too long ago and I felt okay in the morning. Still not truly
>over her though.
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> >Sorta of a funny side to this, well, at least part of it.
> >A little while ago my friend suffered some minor depression, >and he surfed
> >the net to see what he could do about it.
> >Of the many articles he read, apparently sleep-deprivation can >help people
> >that are depressed.
> >So, he stayed up real late, got almost no sleep, and felt >really great the
> >next day.
> >Odd isn't it?
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>Maybe you're just worked up over something. Stress can inhinbit sleep. When
>my girlfriend broke up with me I couldn't sleep at all. I've found that
>excercise helps a bundle.
>In a psychology course I'm taking we just studied sleep, so i'll share some
>of the notes I took:
>-Drink milk or milk products because they contain the animo acid tryptophan
>(whatever the hell that means, no one bothered to ask so the professor
>didn't explain)
>-Learn to associate going to bed only with sleep not with reading, watching
>television, or thinking (that was my problem, I would think about the stress
>I was under and I couldn't sleep)
>-Decrease your intake of caffiene and nicotine before going to bed.
>-Progressivly relax you muscles and take deep breaths
>-Depression, anxiety or medical problems can cause insomnia, treating these
>underlying problems may also relieve your insomnia.
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