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> Actually, No one really liked the alternate timelines except for Gundam
> Wing. It has the most UC-ish designs of the Alternate Universes (besides
> Zaku spin-offs). Gundam X would have tied in with Wing, only that the
> was cut short because of a 6:00 AM Friday morning slot...

errrrr, no. "Gundam X" is the most UC-ish of all the alternate timelines.
They have newtypes, Colonies that look like UC colonies, and Zakus. Like
someone once said, take 0079, turn the volume up to 11, and you get the 7th
space war of Gundam X. The Gundam X looks more like the original Gundams
than "anything" out of wing.(take off the satellite cannon, and you'll see
what I mean).

You are right, though, in explaining it's demise. When it was moved from
it's popular timeslot to the 6:00am slot, that killed it. I just wish they'd
finished the next 10-13 episodes that were planned for the series when they
brought it out on VHS/DVD.

I don't think though that Gundam X was ever ment to tie-in with Gundam W.
They are just too dissimilar.


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