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> On 18 Feb 2001, at 22:08, -Z- wrotf:
> > As has been noted in previous posts, the Federation is not a
> > democracy, although it has a democratic assembly of sorts. It's more
> > of an oligarchy. In the entire Gundam saga, there has never been a
> > single instance of an election or re-election campaign -- the Powers
> > That Be simply are. While votes are taken by members of the assembly,
> > there is no hint of any constituency beyond their immediate backers
> > and stakeholders, which don't appear to include the people at large.
> Nadia Rohna's elder brother did run to represent the whole side 2
> and won. Of course, he won because it's his "family business."
> And even for elite like him, radical idea can result in death.

If we're talking about Engeist Ronah, my information was that he became
vice-president of the Colony Management Corporation in April 0110 -- nothing
about campaigning or being elected to public office.

If we're talking about Hauserie Ronah, my information is that his proposed
"Earth Preservation Measure" and "Measure to Abolish Excessive Medical Care" --
essentially, kick everyone off the planet who doesn't absolutely have to live
there and deny medical treatment to those who don't contribute more than it
costs to keep them alive -- were rejected in April 0113 and he was subsequently
assassinated in UC 0118. Again, nothing about how he got on the Federation
Assembly, only that he proposed legislation for it.

If you've got more details from the novelizations, particularly names and dates,
let's hear them and I'll update my timeline.


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