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Mon, 19 Feb 2001 13:22:33 -0800

> okay peeps, I've been thinking about it a lot. We know that Amuro's gundam
> has special magnetic coated joint systems to make it move faster...would
> this be the equivalent of superconducting disks that just float of each
> other or something? Somehow, I get queasy at the thought of what an
> electromagnetic scrambling weapon or EMP attack, can do to a gundam with
> magnetic joints....

Magnetic coating is never clearly explained, but the impression I get is a sort
of magnetic monopole paint or a layer of permanent magnets affixed to the
joints, such that north poles always oppose north poles and south poles always
oppose south poles. The net result is that of a magnetic levitation (maglev)
track along the joint that keeps the two edges from actually coming into
physical contact.


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