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> We've seen how certain mindsets can affect how people view what's happening.
> Question: how does this translate into the gundam world? We know that
> Gundam has no real good guy or bad guy, but is there an point of judgment
> that we can use as a baseline when saying that someone did something wrong
> in Gundam? I mean, Amuro isn't all sweetness and light, and Char isn't just
> all that either.
> Comments?

No one is a villain in their own mind. What's important, especially in a Tomino
story, is not so much what you do as why and for whom you do it.

Char is a villain not because he does bad things, but that he acts
self-servingly and is only interested in achieving his own goals, even if he
destroys what's left of his real family in the process. Amuro is a hero
because, in the end, he acts with no thought for anything but his friends, but
he starts out as on par with Char in the self-centeredness arena. But Amuro
undertakes a spiritual journey and grows out of his childish selfishness, while
Char doesn't -- if anything, he collapses in on himself.


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