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Tue, 20 Feb 2001 00:41:11 +0800

> All those GW boys are a hit an Asia I wonder why they
> have a CD out there more like a Boy band then a any
> Gundam series I know they have there CD you know the
> Voice Actors singing wonder why the hell did that was
> never brought up Hell not many know that GW boys can
> sing too,like that everyone hates the Girl in the
> series who trys to stop Heero from killing himself why
> the hell they all like yaoi,shounen-ai,straght,yuri
> whatever the they just hate the Girl in the series I
> just hate Heero for fucking up Gundam Battal Masters2
> If you all buy Gundam Battal Assult they just fucked
> up game I just hate what they did to it in the USA.
> they could of just made other version I don't hate
> Gundam Wing Its just that its geting out of hand you
> think Duck would care if you liked to see Heero and
> Duo geting it on I don't know it was never made to
> scar Gundam Wing fans its just one site not all sites
> have that some of them are just Gundam Wing sites not
> many know about his site some of them are kids.

Javier, please do not get angry at me when I say that you have to punctuate
your sentences correctly, and perhaps practice a bit more on the grammar and
the sentence construction. It would also help to know a bit of how to say
things without getting flamed. I get where you're coming from, but the way
you write it is making me dizzy, and is actually frustrating to read.
Perhaps you are typing in white heat to get your mood, but believe me, this
is not the way to be understood the way you want to be understood in an ML.

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