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Dear List:

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> <<well, i don't think there is another michael. why
> don't you go with that?>>
> Maybe. Is Michael Wong(I think that was his name,not sure)still on the list?

I am still on the list!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, my budget for Gundam Model Shopping when
I get back to Hong Kong has been greatly slashed. (Fixing my car twice, once
for $2,500 and the second time $2,000, and then finding out from a friend that
I should set another $1,000 aside for my sister's wedding). So now I don't
think I can spare more than $300 - $500 on the models.... 8(

My original buy list was:-

1 PG Wing Zero Custom about $200
2 PG Zaku about $80
2 MG Gouf about $20
3 MG GM about $15
1 MG GM Quel about $20
1 MG GM Custom about $20
1 MG Super Gundam about $50
1 MG Nu Gundam about $40
1 MG Zeta about $25
1 MG FAZZ about $50
1 MG Sazabi about $55
1 MG Zaku I about $15
1 MG Zaku II Black Trinary about $15
1 MG Zaku I Black Trinary about $15
1 MG G Gundam about $25
1 MG RX-78 Version 1.5 about $25
2 MG Gundam EZ8 about $25
plus 1 of each of those metallic chrome limited edition MG I can find

Now, I don't think I will be getting extra ones of the PG zakus, or any of the
metallic MGs, or any multiples of the same kits. But getting just one of each
of the remaining ones still sum up to $615!! I know the obvious answer is to
drop the PG Wing... but I've had one of every other PG kits and would like to
keep my PG collection complete. MGs on the otherhand, I don't need to have a
complete set, so which one of them should I drop? Any suggestions would be


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