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At 08:58 02/19/2001 -0500, Franz G Co wrote:
>Usually we see 'ha' written down but we hear it as 'wa', pretty confusing
>until I heard my self say: "Watashi HA..." then I pretty much corrected

        That's why I suspected a written source for the quote. Given that I
hear Tokyo Japanese most of the time, I've never hear 'ha' in the topic
marker context pronouced as 'ha' -- always 'wa'. Still, I guess it could be

>>> "Ikirarenai"? Hmm.. isn't that ikenai? Sorry, need to >brush up on
>>>potential form..
>>No, ikirarenai, negative conditional form. It's correct. ^_^

        Hmm, need to brush up my last semester's work, I guess.

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