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A few hundred more Zaku variants would be nice...
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> At 01:26 02/19/2001 -0500, Chris Maier wrote:
> > So my question is, do you think the next line of series-based kits will
> >ungraded 1/144s with possible high-grade level 1/100s, or full out high
> >grade? Or, if Bandai's *really* nice, High Grade 1/144s and Master Grade
> >1/100s(Fat chance, I know)....
> I don't think that's a real question per se. Bandai seem intent on
> producing high-quality products (at high quality prices) recently. Their
> HG(UC/G-saviour) line is basically the de-facto standard nowadays.
> In fact, I rarely see other grades of Bandai 1/144 plamo nowadays,
> with the possible exception of FG kits and re-issued GW kits. FG is a
> aberrant; GW kits are explanable by saying Bandai just wants to make a
> buck by cashing in on GW popularity with re-issued kits with different box
> Future 1/144 releases are pretty much going to be of a quality
> 08MST, which is pretty good without being overly technical to build like
> lines. The difference isn't that big, really, but just sufficient to make
> lines stand out. Even the 08MST kits, are IIRC, marked HG.
> I don't think Bandai will release much ungraded kits in the
> HG is here to stay, and I personally think Bandai will have that as the de
> facto standard for 1/144 kits. However, I will miss those el cheapo
> kits, because those are great for stealing parts from for various modeling
> projects.
> (^_^)
> On the subject of 1/100 kits, Bandai has not recently released any
> 1/100 kits that are non-MG AFAIK. (The last, was IIRC, Turn A) MG, like
> is the de-facto line for 1/100 kits. However, MG kits seem to be primarily
> MSes which have a proven popularity -- Gelgoogs, Zakus, Doms, Kampfers,
> Gundams, etc. The exception is Dunbine, but that's really an exception in
> too many ways.
> A new series' MS is unlikely to make MG, but more likely in terms
> ungraded 1/100 if at all. An ungraded 1/100 is likely to be missing the
> internal structures of an MG, but posability and sturdiness wise they
> be comparable.
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