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Gundarium? Nah...

And a funky thing I noticed about G Gundam...ya know that Zaku-looking
thing? It's made with "Zakurium composite alloy"...
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> At 13:47 02/19/2001 +0800, Richie Ramos wrote:
> >Further question: What would have been considered the ultimate
> >resource/tradeable goods? I know that Oil, gold, even herbs and spices
> >considered tradeables. What would it be in the Gundam timeline? teh
> >old ones? or would it move on to Hydrogen (larg amounts), or rare earth
> >metlas, or would it be something else? am not so knowledgable about tech
> >and culture in this sort of interaction...
> My guess is Hydrogen (both heavy and normal) and Oxygen, with
> coming in further behind. Possibly frozen water.
> Why? Colonist needs to breath. Hydrogen is a fuel of the future
> (with fusion reactors, natch). Helium is a propellant that is protected
> under a Treaty -- which is a good indication of how valuable it is.
> Water can be broken down into Hydrogen and Oxygen, so it's
> inherently valuable. Not to mention that we need it to drink and we can
> food in it via hydrophonics.
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