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Hey, man, as long as they look good, I don't care what their
nationality/ethincity is.
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> > this is an interesting phenomenon. i have no idea why
> > westerners are so interested in our asian women.
> > (then again, i find myself strangely more attracted to
> > non-asian women, so i suppose it constitutes fair
> > trade? :P)
> It's a form of both racism and sexism, based on a number of stereotypes,
the two
> most common being the "Madame Butterfly" (see also "Geisha Girl") and the
> "Dragon Lady" (see also "Mata Hari"). Both are related to a very ancient
> of the foreign seductress who tempts the Righteous Man away from the path
> righteousness -- Lilith, Delilah, Jezebel -- that became formalized as
> Vamp" in Western popular culture by the cinematic personae of actress
> Bara, whose stage name is an anagram of "Arab Death" and symbolizes the
> of forbidden sexual desire.
> In science fiction, the Alien Woman is embodied as a genuine alien, but
> stereotype is the same: she is not of our kind and thus ignorant of our
> making her quite literally shameless.
> As you note, the Alien Woman is not restricted to any single race or ethic
> group, she need only be "alien" to the person or culture in question.
> Turks, for example, have as much of a fetish for blondes and redheads as
> Americans have for "exotic" Turkish "harem girls" and belly dancers. The
> in I Dream Of Jeanne is thus an attraction in both cultures, being a
> blue-eyed harem girl eager (and, more to the point, able) to literally
> any wish.
> In Asian American parlance, the fetish for Asian women prevalent among
> men is called "Yellow Fever" and nothing turns any of the Asian American
> with whom I'm acquainted off faster than the intimation that a man is
> to her first and foremost by the mere fact that she's Asian.
> I have a personal reason for deploring this particular stereotype, as it
was the
> myth of the "Dragon Lady" that resulted in a good friend of mine spending
> a decade behind bars and more years than I've been alive identified as a
> villainess who never actually existed. You'll find all the sad and sordid
> details at:
> http://www.dyarstraights.com/orphan_ann/orphanan.html
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