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Jorge Lee wrote:
> >but I think his "Why Gundam Wing Sucks" page does contribute
> something >positive to the whole Gundam experience.
>May I enquire why you feel this way? The whole UC vs Wing matter just
>leaves a sour yet amusing taste in my mouth.

Mostly I ignore the UC vs Wing/AC debate, because it's mostly just "you suck!"
"do not!" "do!" "do not!" type of debate. But Duckflesh laid out some
and opinions that are sometimes valid, sometimes amusing (and sometimes
tasteless). But generally I think someone putting their opinions on
websites is
putting their reputation on the line, compared to writting in GML, which
the excellent archive, is still a transient thing. Put it another way, the
GML is
like a smoky bar, people come to pass time, whatever is said is pretty much
forgotten by the next day. Writting a webpage is like publishing a letter on a
newspaper, you open yourself to public scrutiny in a different way. That's
I try (underline TRY) to reduce posting to GML and concentrate on NA.

There are lots of wing sites, but most of them don't get anything past
Duckflesh asked some questions that probe deeper into Wing than anyone else,
either pro or con, had gone before. I often wondered myself, there are so many
plot holes and nonsense in Wing, why do I still like it? If someone can
write an
article to counter Duckflesh arguments (rather than just poh poh it) that
will be
worth more than many of the Wing fansites out there combined. I will proudly
put that article on my own site. I suppose I can write it myself... After
all, I
still reserve the right to use "Why people who hate Wing have their panties on
too tight" as the title to my next article :) But you all know that things at
Newtype Asylum tend to get indefinitely delayed.

Duckflesh won't admit it, but I suspect somewhere in his heart he also have a
spot for Wing, otherwise, why spend so much time watching and spotting
those inconsistencies in Wing? He's different from those Christian zealots who
wanted to shut down Wing because "it advocates sex, violence, homosexuality,
suicide, or all of the above". Some of you may remember I spent a lot of time
complaining about SW ep.1, well you don't see me bitching about Sailor Moon?
Well I think Sailor Moon is silly so I don't watch it or talk about
it. But I love
the SW story and I wish Ep.1 to be better, so I bitched about Ep.1 in the hope
that Ep.2 could be better. Perhaps Duckflesh says he hates Wing, but he's
strangely attracted to it so he can't help but watched the whole thing, perhaps
twice. Now he's so ashamed he secretively loved Wing that he has to make a
Wing Sucks page to keep his sanity ;-)

If I were 14 years old I could be spending half a day watching shojo anime
(behind closed door of course), and the rest of the day writting a "shojo
sucks" page.

>On another note, why UC vs W Gundam and not UC vs G Gundam? My guess is
>popularity. G Gundam was just a goofy spin on Gundam which wasn't very
>high on the popularity stakes while W Gundam was a major money maker
>that brought in new fans. The UC purists probably feels threaten...

Exactly, some people just can't bear to see something popular, they think it's
only cool if you are different from the "masses". That's the same altitude
prompted the "I hope First Gundam tank" thing a while back. Some people
also hate dubs or MSIA for the same reason.

I am a little disappointed that people don't see the subtlety of my point here.
Ducky has his panty on too tight, but I am defending his right to wear panties
the way he sees fit as long as he is doing it inside his own house/website.
And what about people who flame Duck? They have their panties on too tight
too! I think people really should give boxers a try.

Anyway, I plan to put Richie's yaoi fanfic on NA, which should tighten up his
(and quite a few others on GML) panties real good :-)

Dr. Core
Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist
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