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>> I have nothing against gays, my comment was about pretty boys >>in
general. I have lot's gay friends and I finf them to be >>some of the most
>> people around. The comment I said about pretty boys on paper >>means I
>> to READ about them as fiction. As for our friend EZ-8's >>comment, well
>>some people are just less open than others.
>> And BTW, if anyone asks, I'm straight.

>Don't worry Franz, I know about that. To be honest, I don't >think I can
>withstand the idea of animated hentai about the GWing boys >myself. It
>make everything so crass. But still, it's more of a worry that >they can't
>make it as low key as I would like it.

Fortunately the the lowest form of tastelessness we get from G-Wing
fandom is Quatre and Trowa dressed up in plaid.

Warning if you are especially sensitive to a: bad fasion sense and b:
shounen-ai (no yaoi though), don't click on the link above.
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