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It is still fact that they did most of the liberating during WW2, the
Americans however were against them from the start, replacing them as heads
of the communities they liberated with their own - pro-American - people.
As for the rest of my previous post, I just got that from helping my
girlfriend study for her History class.

>Correction: The HukBaLaHap (Hukbong Laban sa Hapon) didn't >start out being
>Communists. They were demanding reparations payments from and >for
>to stop rebuilding Japan at the time. They later became >indoctrinated into
>Communism (late 50s/early 60s) not only as a suitable ideology >to adopt
>its anti-American sentiment and impoverisihed background - but >also to
>cold war funding from the Chinese and Russians to finance their >armed
>struggle. They shifted to this as a the main focus and changed >their name
>the New People's Army in the 70s.

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