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> Correction: The HukBaLaHap (Hukbong Laban sa Hapon) didn't start out being
> Communists. They were demanding reparations payments from and for
> to stop rebuilding Japan at the time. They later became indoctrinated into
> Communism (late 50s/early 60s) not only as a suitable ideology to adopt
> its anti-American sentiment and impoverisihed background - but also to
> cold war funding from the Chinese and Russians to finance their armed
> struggle. They shifted to this as a the main focus and changed their name
> the New People's Army in the 70s.

Errr, Fed, you have the history books in the wrong about that. My Father
and I deal with ex-Hukbalahap members, and they most certainly are not with
the NPA. They have even been at cross purposes at times, specifically when
it comes to the NPA asking for tribute from the local farmers.

Yes, they did embrace communism for a time, and yes, the NPA probably has
elder members of the Huks in it, but certainly not in the Midland region,
where my father and I are involved in business operations.

And to link it to gundam (which I have been doing a lot tonight): Doesn't
this remind people of the times of Z, with the AEUG and all that, not to
mention units like Londo Bell?

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