Richard Ramos (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 21:21:18 +0800

> >you have the superior attitude of one who does live in america. I don't
> >give a damn about race, I give a damn about attitude.
> Hey, hey, HEY! Cool off. Let's let this stupid -- and I mean that
> the stupid quality of post-and-reply flames -- thread die already.
> Richie: You should really know better than the flame like this. =)

My apologies, Lim. let's make it a decent subject then.

We've seen how certain mindsets can affect how people view what's happening.
Question: how does this translate into the gundam world? We know that
Gundam has no real good guy or bad guy, but is there an point of judgment
that we can use as a baseline when saying that someone did something wrong
in Gundam? I mean, Amuro isn't all sweetness and light, and Char isn't just
all that either.


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