Richard Ramos (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 21:16:39 +0800

> Phew... 200++ emails in a day. All it takes are a few bozos to ruin GML.
> As for filters, does anyone know of any email client that will do the
> filtering on the server end? Netscape Messanger and Outlook can't seem
> to do this.

Hmmm...My server has no option for this, but I do know that Eudora has a
filtering system that is simple yet highly effective. I used to use Eudora
until their ad placement system kept on crashing my computer. I switched to
Outlook from then on. In my case, I use a mental Bozo filter...I always
want to see what everybody is saying, because it gives one a chance to see
the other side.

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