Richard Ramos (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 21:14:32 +0800

> On another note, why UC vs W Gundam and not UC vs G Gundam? My guess is
> popularity. G Gundam was just a goofy spin on Gundam which wasn't very
> high on the popularity stakes while W Gundam was a major money maker
> that brought in new fans. The UC purists probably feels threaten...
> Besides, it's much cooler to support the *alternative* UC Gundam and
> snot at *mainstream* Wing Gundam...
> Jorge

Now that's something to think about. I think I would also feel slighted if
people would consider that Wing be the UC and the UC to be AC. Hmmm...You
have a point! I will concede to that uncomfortable possibility. I may love
Gundam Wing, but it will always be an alternate probability to me.

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