garrick lee (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 05:15:09 -0800 (PST)

> Exactly my point. You can have the precious
> "Freedom of Speech" here
> on the GML, but *so long you pay attention to the
> situation here* too.
> That's a responsibility of any listee, and basically
> how an unmoderated
> forum works. The freedom to have and make opinions
> must be balanced against
> the responsibility of being part of the community
> here.
> I think the original post to which you
> responded to was trying to
> get that point across (Echo|Fox IIRC). I don't know
> how well it was recieved
> though.
> -------------
> Lim Jyue
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*stomps lim jyue* :P

er, firstly, my apologies for playing a part in the
drag out smack down off topic threads.

however, a query, now that the issue of writing
"gundam wing sucks" or "first gundam sucks" is tackled
as a freedom of speech. i had nothing against that,
or duckflesh's anti-wing website -- an insubstantial
rant page that i thought was pretty much prepubescent
kindergarten in quality, but still within his rights.
  what i DID have something against was a certain
poster slamming other people for talking wistfully
about perfect grade gundam wing kits (a perfect grade
tallgeese in particular) -- a matter of discussion
that is perfectly valid on this mailing list. i
thought it was undescribably obnoxious and flameworthy
(as acceptable as flaming someone is, which i know
isn't, yes, i'm a hothead), and far less acceptable
than off topic threads, as far as freedom of speech
and responsibility are concerned.

er, that's all.

happy owner of a brand spanking new gundam character
encyclopedia...and didn't have to fork over a single
cent for it :)

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