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At 11:58 02/19/2001 +0100, Dr. Core wrote:
>Oops, to whoever who wrote this, sorry I missed it first time around, just a
>little trigger-happy with the delete key ^_^; nothing against you personally.
>Just that I read the first paragraph then it's "delete" 90% of the time.

        That was me, doofus. Opps, should be *Dr.* Doofus. (^_^)

>Surely you don't suggest writing "Wing Sucks" or "First Gundam Sucks"
>involve a lot of responsibity? I see a lot more irresponsible "journalism"
>coming out of the likes of CNN than you see in amateur Gundam sites. Again I
>repeat, we should NOT sanction people writing their opinions on websites.

        No, my intention was not this. A person can write the "Wing Sucks"
or "First Gundam Sucks" web site for all I care -- I have the freedom *not*
to read the site. Feel free to write all your hate on anything on the web --
you are free to do so, just as I am free to not read it.

        Of course, if you want to write such a web page, you must be
prepared to take the responsibility of that. It's like posting bomb-making
instructions on the web -- are you going to take responsibility for some
idiot who blew himself up when he tried to build a bomb using your instructions?

        Extreme example, but it's a good illustration, IMO.

>We SHOULD do something to keep GML more on-topic and more civilized. There
>two different standards because these are two different situations. People can
>choose not to click on websites that express different opinion, but emails
>enter our mailboxes without asking.
>Dr. Core

        Exactly my point. You can have the precious "Freedom of Speech" here
on the GML, but *so long you pay attention to the situation here* too.
That's a responsibility of any listee, and basically how an unmoderated
forum works. The freedom to have and make opinions must be balanced against
the responsibility of being part of the community here.

        I think the original post to which you responded to was trying to
get that point across (Echo|Fox IIRC). I don't know how well it was recieved

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