Dr. Core (core@pojo.com)
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 11:58:35 +0100

-Z- wrote:
> > To Dr. Core: Freedom of Speech is nice, but what about
> > Responsibility of Free Speech?

Oops, to whoever who wrote this, sorry I missed it first time around, just a
little trigger-happy with the delete key ^_^; nothing against you personally.
Just that I read the first paragraph then it's "delete" 90% of the time.

Surely you don't suggest writing "Wing Sucks" or "First Gundam Sucks"
involve a lot of responsibity? I see a lot more irresponsible "journalism"
out of the likes of CNN than you see in amateur Gundam sites. Again I repeat,
we should NOT sanction people writing their opinions on websites. We SHOULD
do something to keep GML more on-topic and more civilized. There are two
different standards because these are two different situations. People can
choose not to click on websites that express different opinion, but emails
our mailboxes without asking.

Dr. Core
Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist
Newtype Asylum

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