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> >James Boren wrote:
> >>Kondo takes his own time with telling the story. In typical Kondo
> >>fashion he spends a lot of pages on the big battles.

If you just could have a look at Kondo's "MS Gundam - MS Senki". I don't
believe I'm mistaking if I tell that 100 pages on 160 are about battles (and
it is a one issue/volume Gundam story). There are Odessa and Jabro
(Jabrow)'s battles but they last too much (there are too many pages about
them, it's hard for the reader to make his own opinion about the story's
hero just looking at him in battles).

"Daremo hitorideha ikirarenai" -- Kidou Senshi Gandamu (MS Gundam)
Translation: "Nobody can live alone"

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