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I think that is why Gundam is so popular, it didn't give us something new,
it just gave us what is happening to our world in a new, futuristic and
sci-fi perspective. take for instance the comic strip Dilbert, its so damn
funny because office people like me can relate to it and find that more
often than not the situations presented are true or close to reality.

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> Ahem. Vietnam would be independent in the farthest sense of the word.
> your country gave us our independence (such an arrogant way of doing
> things), they made sure that they had trade priority, as well as making
> that most of the political leaders were in their pocket. They even had a
> say on our internal affairs. In other words, we became the Little Brown
> Brothers. Now, I don't know about Vietnam, but from my country's
> point of view, what you said is very much repugnant.
> The problem, I suppose, with the Federation and the Colonies was
> that. The need for control (in whatever form of government) of the
> resources of the colonies, without giving thought to all the
> In a way, I think that one big root of the gundam wars was really about
> economics and resources.
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