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>Further question: What would have been considered the ultimate
>resource/tradeable goods? I know that Oil, gold, even herbs >and spices
>considered tradeables. What would it be in the Gundam >timeline? teh same
>old ones? or would it move on to Hydrogen (larg amounts), or >rare earth
>metlas, or would it be something else? am not so knowledgable >about tech
>and culture in this sort of interaction...

Helium 3 although the energy fleets have total control of that. I guess
what ever things you need for colony living. Food and stuff is always
preset since you can't live without food, as for oil, I dunno, maybe depends
on what oil is used for in the Gundam timeline. Gold still seems to be in
demand as it's still used as a form of currnecy then (most os the Daikun
family's holdings are in Gold Bullion, part of which went to Sayla, another
part of which was used to buy Axis in CCA).

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