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At 01:26 02/19/2001 -0500, Chris Maier wrote:
> So my question is, do you think the next line of series-based kits will be
>ungraded 1/144s with possible high-grade level 1/100s, or full out high
>grade? Or, if Bandai's *really* nice, High Grade 1/144s and Master Grade
>1/100s(Fat chance, I know)....

        I don't think that's a real question per se. Bandai seem intent on
producing high-quality products (at high quality prices) recently. Their
HG(UC/G-saviour) line is basically the de-facto standard nowadays.

        In fact, I rarely see other grades of Bandai 1/144 plamo nowadays,
with the possible exception of FG kits and re-issued GW kits. FG is a
aberrant; GW kits are explanable by saying Bandai just wants to make a quick
buck by cashing in on GW popularity with re-issued kits with different box arts.

        Future 1/144 releases are pretty much going to be of a quality like
08MST, which is pretty good without being overly technical to build like HG
lines. The difference isn't that big, really, but just sufficient to make HG
lines stand out. Even the 08MST kits, are IIRC, marked HG.

        I don't think Bandai will release much ungraded kits in the future.
HG is here to stay, and I personally think Bandai will have that as the de
facto standard for 1/144 kits. However, I will miss those el cheapo ungraded
kits, because those are great for stealing parts from for various modeling


        On the subject of 1/100 kits, Bandai has not recently released any
1/100 kits that are non-MG AFAIK. (The last, was IIRC, Turn A) MG, like HG,
is the de-facto line for 1/100 kits. However, MG kits seem to be primarily
MSes which have a proven popularity -- Gelgoogs, Zakus, Doms, Kampfers, most
Gundams, etc. The exception is Dunbine, but that's really an exception in
too many ways.

        A new series' MS is unlikely to make MG, but more likely in terms of
ungraded 1/100 if at all. An ungraded 1/100 is likely to be missing the
internal structures of an MG, but posability and sturdiness wise they should
be comparable.

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