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Mon, 19 Feb 2001 01:26:38 -0500

There does seem to be a strong possibility-with the sucess of Gundam here
and what-not as well as what appears to be renewed interest in Japan that
there will be a new Gundam series. I do have a question-how should the
models be handled should a new series arise? Most of the basic 1/144 lines
for the shows have been ungraded, with the exception of Endless Waltz and
08th MS team, which were High Grade, although this could have been since
they were OAVs. Although the quality of the ungraded 1/144s has generally
not been so good, I think there's been an improvement with the Turn A line,
which *almost* recalls the glory days of 0080.
 So my question is, do you think the next line of series-based kits will be
ungraded 1/144s with possible high-grade level 1/100s, or full out high
grade? Or, if Bandai's *really* nice, High Grade 1/144s and Master Grade
1/100s(Fat chance, I know)....

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