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> Further question: What would have been considered the ultimate
> resource/tradeable goods? I know that Oil, gold, even herbs and spices were
> considered tradeables. What would it be in the Gundam timeline? teh same
> old ones? or would it move on to Hydrogen (larg amounts), or rare earth
> metlas, or would it be something else? am not so knowledgable about tech
> and culture in this sort of interaction...

Gold still seems to be in currency. (^_^)

Seriously, every time we see a major payoff in Gundam, it's in the form of gold
ingots -- Char's bequest to Sayla of her share of the Daikun fortune, Cima's
purchase of the MA-06 Val Varo from Kelly and Char's purchase of Axis from the
Federation come most immediately to mind.

Ever since America went off the gold standard, there's been some movement or
other to revert to it. It's a major tenet of Libertarianism and, although SF in
general favors a total credit system -- no hard currency whatsoever -- there's
been a steady drift toward hard currency in recent years. Even Star Trek has
gone from credits to gold-pressed latinum. Gundam showed universal credit cards
in the original series and Z Gundam for personal purchases, but still showed
bullion changing hands for, ah, big ticket items.


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