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Excuse us? If, as you mentioned in another post, you are 17 yrs. old,
then you aren't old enough to remember (or even experienced) 'duck and
cover' bomb drills in schools. You aren't old enough to know anything
about 'living with commies'. By the time you were old enough to
understand politics, Communism had already fallen in the former USSR and
the Berlin wall had been dismantled.

I am probably not the only one on the GML who remembers having to know
where your designated bomb shelters were. Living on military bases for
most of my childhood, I remember daily tests of the base air raid
sirens. Hell, I remember when it used to be a really big deal to just
see an SR-71, much less see one in flight.

Sorry for the rant, all. I really hate it when people don't do their
research or speak about things they've never experienced for themselves.

Joaquin Torres

Gundam EZEight wrote:

> what the hell do you know? you never had to live with
> commies! you wouldn't know until your aunt, uncle,
> grandparents...are buried alive while they are
> screaming for their lives, their children standing
> above, teary eyed, and about to be buried next.
> --- wrote:

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