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> The problem, I suppose, with the Federation and the Colonies was precisely
> that. The need for control (in whatever form of government) of the
> resources of the colonies, without giving thought to all the "intangibles".
> In a way, I think that one big root of the gundam wars was really about
> economics and resources.

All wars are about economics, no matter what ideology or rhetoric may be
appended to or wrapped around it. Oppression is simply enforced exploitation,
hence "wage slavery" and "white slavery" and "sweatshops" in addition to actual
chattel slavery. We say "working class" because, at one time, your position on
the economic hierarchy was in one to one correspondence with your social and
political standing -- a caste system defined principally by who owned what.

In that regard, money is indeed the root of all evil.

As has been noted in previous posts, the Federation is not a democracy, although
it has a democratic assembly of sorts. It's more of an oligarchy. In the
entire Gundam saga, there has never been a single instance of an election or
re-election campaign -- the Powers That Be simply are. While votes are taken by
members of the assembly, there is no hint of any constituency beyond their
immediate backers and stakeholders, which don't appear to include the people at

We are, after all, talking about a government that moved 90% of the population
off the planet, most of them involuntarily, and restricted residence on Earth to
an Elite and a token group of "cultural custodians" who live a relatively
low-tech existence, like some sort of global Salem Village or Renaissance
Pleasure Faire.

And, while Daikun's break with the Federation was ideological -- hard to say,
because we only have the rhetoric and not the actual economic underpinnings of
the Republic -- the Zabi Family was clearly in it for themselves and whatever
wealth and power they could personally amass.


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