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Sun, 18 Feb 2001 22:08:42 -0800

> At this rate, if I choose to stay on the GML, I'll probably need to
> take a page out of -Z-'s book and create a Bozo Filter(TM). I don't have one
> at this stage because of the additional overheads that requires.. filtering
> 120+ messages per day adds a lot of time to my mail processing, and I
> *still* have to download those mail before filtering.
> To Dr. Core: Freedom of Speech is nice, but what about
> Responsibility of Free Speech?

Ah, the age-old question! My own favorites answer comes from Marilyn Vos
Savant, who opined that the American ideal was a balance between "freedom to"
and "freedom from" -- you are free to do as you please until what you're doing
infringes on someone else's right to be free from the consequences. I'm free to
turn up the volume on my boom box only insofar as I don't make it so loud as to
disturb my neighbors. I'm free to display any message on my T-shirt or lapel
button only insofar as I don't offend any who might be in a position to read it.

> To -Z-: Say.. Do I need to pay royalties for using your Bozo
> Filter? =)

Nah -- it's a generic term, actually. I got it from hacker jargon, although it
has since been superceded by "RBL" (Real-time Blackhole List) and "/dev/nul"
(the Unix directory that literally goes nowhere). The much-maligned Microsoft
Outlook has a Junk Senders List and Adult Senders List into which spam and smut
can be directed and, as they key on Sender rather than Subject, they're Bozo
Filters in the canonical sense.


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