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>Further question: What would have been considered the ultimate
>resource/tradeable goods? I know that Oil, gold, even herbs and spices were
>considered tradeables. What would it be in the Gundam timeline? teh same
>old ones? or would it move on to Hydrogen (larg amounts), or rare earth
>metlas, or would it be something else? am not so knowledgable about tech
>and culture in this sort of interaction...

        My guess is Hydrogen (both heavy and normal) and Oxygen, with Helium
coming in further behind. Possibly frozen water.

        Why? Colonist needs to breath. Hydrogen is a fuel of the future
(with fusion reactors, natch). Helium is a propellant that is protected
under a Treaty -- which is a good indication of how valuable it is.

        Water can be broken down into Hydrogen and Oxygen, so it's
inherently valuable. Not to mention that we need it to drink and we can grow
food in it via hydrophonics.

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