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I can imagine that some of the same things would stick around, but I'd think
that, from the Federation's point of view, Helium 3 has to go past the
colonies to get to Earth. So that could be something they wanted to control,
especially considering its importance. Not to mention the pretty much
untapped raw minerals in the asteroid belt. And, the manufacturing of
higher-quality metals in low gravity environments.

Seems to me that the colonies would have a big advantage in terms of
technology and economic materiel. Although that seems odd, I'd think Earth
would have equivalent things to offer. Obviously foodstuffs and the like
would be important for trade, as you can only grow so much in the limited
space there was on the colonies (and I don't recall ever seeing anything
about farming on the moon, heheh, brings new meaning to "cow jumped over the
moon"), but it just seems that there could be more. Manufactured goods,
perhaps? The Earth has the advantage of already established and
comparatively large manufacturing capabilities, I think.


Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok
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> > > The problem, I suppose, with the Federation and the Colonies was
> precisely
> > > that. The need for control (in whatever form of government) of the
> > > resources of the colonies, without giving thought to all the
> > "intangibles".
> > > In a way, I think that one big root of the gundam wars was really
> > > economics and resources.
> > Bloody hell Richie. That's the first time I've ever seen someone take an
> OT
> > and bring it perfectly right back into the topic of discussion without
> > stretching. Much kudos to you dude, that's wicked impressive. Not to
> mention
> > the fact that it's a pretty good point and I agree with it. ;-)
> Thanks.
> Further question: What would have been considered the ultimate
> resource/tradeable goods? I know that Oil, gold, even herbs and spices
> considered tradeables. What would it be in the Gundam timeline? teh same
> old ones? or would it move on to Hydrogen (larg amounts), or rare earth
> metlas, or would it be something else? am not so knowledgable about tech
> and culture in this sort of interaction...
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