Joaquin Torres (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 00:44:23 -0500

I agree most wholeheartedly! This is NOT the 'US/Filipino relations ca.
WWII', 'Communism: Pros and Cons', or 'US Military Action in Vietnam'
mailing list. This is the GUNDAM mailing list. Many of you seem to
have forgotten that. The occasional off-topic post is to be expected;
however, when I looked through 100+ GML messages this evening, barely
30% were actually Gundam related. This is intolerable. An off-topic
post should never turn into a continuing off-topic thread. Make your
point, then take it off the list.

Hopefully, we now return you to your regularly scheduled GML.

Joaquin Torres


> Hopefully, this message will help get the GML back to being a Gundam
> mailing list. Out of what-- maybe 30 messages, only five or so were
> actually about Gundam. To all of the people who have contributed to
> this latest rush of inane, off-topic posts, please take your
> discussions off-list. It's not difficult to continue a conversation
> elsewhere that involves the same people. Just cut and paste their
> addresses.To everyone else, sorry for wasting your time with this, but
> I do suggest that we all do some filtering whenever someone's last
> five or so posts have been OT.

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