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> Actually, I prefer half-asian half-caucasion women. As for men however...
> prefer my pretty boys o paper where they can't get close to me, thank you!

Actually, Garrick, those pretty boys are trained to be able to literally
kill you. To wit:


Skilled in sabotage, demolitions, martial arts, computer hacking, MS
piloting and seems to have a strangely augmented physical body which can
withstand suicide drops.


same as Heero, but you have to add thievery, streetsmarts and take away the
computer hacking. also add a touch of MORE charisma than a dead fish.


well, he's a killer acrobatic clown from hell, and his MS has more guns than
anyone else. nuff said.


He's the one who's trained in strategic combat, as well as quite a bit of
politics and economics...not necessarily a field aganet, but he's just as

Wu Fei:

Martial arts, pure combat, MS has a nasty habit of being able to use a
flamethrower in space.

Garrick, anyone of them could turn you into hash, LOL!

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