Richie Ramos (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 13:19:44 +0800

> What I would like to ponder is why thre is a larger more vocal
> yaoi/shounen-ai audience/fan-base that fro shoujo-ai.

I actually wonder about that too, since as a Shounen-ai writer, I have some
trouble sourcing out shoujo fics (I would like to see the other side of
things too, you know). Perhaps it's an inherent part of the Shoujo-ai/yuri
thing to be more secretive.

That being said, I find that there are no shoujo-ai (famous ones, anyway)
for gundam, no yaoi (almost none...) for UC gundam, and a tonload for Gundam
Wing. Interestingly, the GW yaoi stuff was going down -- and then in comes
the US showings, and presto, the numbers increase again...

But on a serious note: I think that for bandai, they saw this as a positive
addition to their audience. God knows there were hints of this already in
GX, but they got the bishounen look right for the 5 GW boys.

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