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At 22:29 02/18/2001 -0600, ROBOTICK wrote:
>Hopefully, this message will help get the GML back to being a Gundam
mailing list. Out of what-- maybe 30 messages, only five or so were
actually about Gundam. To all of the people who have contributed to this
latest rush of inane, off-topic posts, please take your discussions
off-list. It's not difficult to continue a conversation elsewhere that
involves the same people. Just cut and paste their addresses.
>To everyone else, sorry for wasting your time with this, but I do suggest
that we all do some filtering whenever someone's last five or so posts have
been OT.

        Thanks. I was *that* close to going off the list already. Actually,
I can live with OT posts, since some of them are actually fairly
interesting, but the length, language and tone of these recent exchanges are
starting to become very irritating.

        At this rate, if I choose to stay on the GML, I'll probably need to
take a page out of -Z-'s book and create a Bozo Filter(TM). I don't have one
at this stage because of the additional overheads that requires.. filtering
120+ messages per day adds a lot of time to my mail processing, and I
*still* have to download those mail before filtering.

        To Dr. Core: Freedom of Speech is nice, but what about
Responsibility of Free Speech?

        To -Z-: Say.. Do I need to pay royalties for using your Bozo Filter? =)

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