Richie Ramos (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 13:14:36 +0800

> >> Doesn't this line include the HG V and HG V2 which I am >currrently
> looking
> >> for by the way.
> >I know thats some of it is still in stock in ali Mall and in SM >cubao in
> QC.
> God, I hate going there! You'd think they'd have it in GreenHils but no,
> I ever see is the HG V.

I think there is a V2, a V2 assault and a V2 Buster still in SM cubao. The
STC in Ali mall still has a V2, If I am correct. Sm North Edsa seems to
have some V2's as well, though am not sure which version.

The most popular seems to be the V2 Buster Gundam. The rarest is the V2
Assault. I simply cannot find the heavy version of the V itself.

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