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Mon, 19 Feb 2001 13:07:02 +0800

> BTW wasn't one of the wing boys gay?

Any reference to the GWing boys being gay is non-canonical, though there are
merchandise that seem to allow the idea as an undercurrent to the GWing
boys. It makes sense, since the yaoi market is actually an untapped
resource prior to Gundam Wing. FOr them to have accidentally (if that is
the case) stumbled into it with the GW boys, well, I guess they chose to
capitalize on the situation. that's why there are merhcandise that seems to
have undercurrents (like this GW fonekard which has Duo and Heero almost
snuggling against each other).

Personally, I find not a single solid piece of evidence that any of them are
gay. The closest is the effete, aristocratic Quattre, but then, that
doesn't prove anything. If you say he is, then Czechs and Treize may as
well qualify too. It's the whole aristocratic air.

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