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Dear List:

> The term "Ivy League" was coined circa 1939 to describe a group of
> long-established eastern U.S. colleges widely regarded as high in scholastic &
> social prestige -- generally Harvard, Princeton & Yale. The term derives from
> the common architecture or these schools, which consisted of castle-like brick
> buildings with ivy-covered halls modeled after the great British universities
> such as Cambridge, Eton & Oxford. The term "ivy" had already been applied to
> Academia in general circa 1933 and, by 1943, students at or graduates of these
> prestigious schools were called Ivy Leaguers. The Ivy League became associated
> with the rich and powerful, who formed their "Old Boy Networks" from among
> their college classmates.

Actually I think the term was coined quite a bit before 1939. The Ivy League
was originally for the football league formed between a group of 8 schools:-
Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, University of
Pennsylvania. These universities are among the oldest institutes of higher
learning in U.S. and are all located in the new england area. They are still
pretty difficult to get into and tuition are incredibly expensive. I've
attended a couple of them and drained my parents off of a lot of their money for
doing so... 8(

Just wondering if there are any fellow Ivy-Leaguers out there on GML? Please
mail me off line to satisfy my curiosity.

> The Ivy League schools lost a lot of their prestige after World War II, when a
> college education became available to more & more people of lesser and lesser
> means, thanks in part to the G.I. Bill & the post-War emphasis on technology,
> which made MIT and Stanford the new schools of choice.

I wouldn't say they've lost a LOT of their prestige, as Harvard graduates still
have quite a "WOW" factor. Also some of the graduate schools among these Ivy
League schools are still excellent and maintain their prestige:- Harvard Medical
School, Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, Harvard Business School, U. Penn.
Business School (Wharton)...

Let's not forget UC Berkeley, who gave us the "Gundam Project". (I guess at
least this is ON-topic...)

> -Z-


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