Richie Ramos (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 11:18:33 +0800

> uhm....i find myself agreeing with duckflesh, and
> that's scary. :P
> not all chinese (*ahem cough harrumph*) are
> communists, not all vietnamese are communists, not all
> koreans are communists, etc. etc., not all germans are
> nazis, you get the idea.
> ultimately, not all communists are bad guys (i take it
> gundamez8 is referring to the vietnam war? if so, you
> DO know that US butted in in the first place, and the
> domino effect theory of the evils of communism has
> remained effectively a theory ?). you may dislike
> communISM, but please refrain from blanket statements
> regarding communISTS.

Why is it that Garrick and I are agreeing more these days? Duckflesh has a
point, in that communists are not all the same; there are various shades of
that as well.

> communists = bad guys --> that's just the naive, and
> monochrome picture perfect scenario that the
> self-proclaimed champion of democracy (USA) wants to
> paint. all the while, everyone ignores the failings
> of democracy, which is quite possibly one of the
> dumbest (though at least humane) forms of government
> ever.
> then again, i'll be damned if machiavelli is right. i
> refuse to accept that too.
> -garr

Actually, Garrick, considering what's been happening to our own country, I
kinda like the idea that only the educated (as in those who hold college
degrees) be the ones to vote. I know this is a despicable idea in some
aspects, but I personally don't mind it, considering how the uneducated
boosted Erap to power. Of course, we can go into the long and drawn out
process of figuring out who is to blame for what, but in the end, it takes
an educated voting population to make educated choices.

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