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> >Man I really was off my Rocker Oh well I never should
> have said that for one thing It does not matter if he
> had that on his site hell I can tell you this there
> are somethings that don't matter if his site says "why
> Gundam Wing sucks" hey Im not mad at that so thats his
> problem hell most people I know Hate the Gundam Wing
> in Dub Im not saying that it sucks its just they had
> to edit make it a show for kids I understand that I
> know that some people like that series but he trying
> to make it funny on his site thats all don't hate the
> fact that some there was a girl that made this site as
> a joke who know about this site anyway
> do you care if this site was made to hate Gundam Wing. <

Thats the longest sentance i've ever seen.

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