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> > >Let's not get into round three of this discussion
> please.
> >
> > And by the way, Mr. Vega, I do write
> shounen-ai/yaoi stuff, and I most
> Nope, no bondage, no
> > spectacular acrobatic sex scenes in Zero G, no
> unusual items used (I do not
> > write about such things. try Ian Fleming for
> James Bond, which has bondage,
> > Zero G and implied Unusual items).
> >
> > But I do write about a certain probability that is
> non-canon. so let's
> > leave it at that. I won't dare plug it here,
> because most of you guys
> > aren't interested. those who are, just email me
> in private.
> >
> > please do not enlarge the scope of the discussion.
> <
> It's either Yaoi, or it isn't. And no, I don't look
> at Yaoi. In fact, i'm
> quite interested on the Asian chick topic. (;

this is an interesting phenomenon. i have no idea why
westerners are so interested in our asian women.
(then again, i find myself strangely more attracted to
non-asian women, so i suppose it constitutes fair
trade? :P)

anyway...i think richie is saying that he puts more
emphasis on the "shounen-ai" aspect of yaoi ("ai"
being the chinese word for love). homosexuality
isn't all about sex, and doesn't need to be such.
there exists the potential for humanly love (as well
as lust..) between homosexuals for the simple reason
that they are human beings (gender notwithstanding).
human love that is often denied recognition because of
the anti-gay stigma of modern life. oh well.

and now, back to gundam...


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