Richie Ramos (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 10:42:06 +0800

> ehm...not really. "high grade universal century"
> kicked off only fairly recently, with the guncannon,
> gyan, zaku III custom, qubeley and hyaku shiki being
> the first five, respectively, of the pack. '98 or
> '99, i'm not sure. i have the gyan (currently
> undergoing garrickization) and the zaku III (still
> unbuilt, wondering how to garrickize it) and sold the
> hyaku shiki to richie quite some time ago (because i
> thought it'd have unsightly seam lines you can't get
> rid off...and that turned out to be a bad move for me,
> er, dammit, richie, i want to see that hyaku shiki
> again next week! better bring it, or i'll work your
> kampfer into ballerina poses again...>:P)

yes, and my Kampfer is undergoing Ver.Ra treatment as well.

as for the Hyaku...okay, next week then...

my take on the old HG line? simple: they're precursors. if, however, you
want to get a feel of how the HGUC eventually turned out, then take a look
at the old GP03s kit. the way it's molded reminds me a lot of the HGUC
gp01/fb kits.

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