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>the 1/144 hg ones you're talking about (and i have the
>zeta and the endoskeleton equipped mark II -- one of
>my favorites) were labelled high grade, but only
>happened to be UC because the 3 spinoff gundam shows
>didn't exist yet circa 1988-90. they still sported
>system injection.

Doesn't this line include the HG V and HG V2 which I am currrently looking
for by the way.

>but, seeing as how the old rx78, mark II, z and zz
>haven't yet been released in the new-yet-old hguc
>line...they may as well be part of the same line

I'd still like to think of it a separate line since their continuing it with
the HG G-Saviour.

>any speculations on what type of gm the rumored hguc
>gm is? i'm hoping for 0079 or 0080 style gm. if it
>turns out to be the 8th ms gm, it's gonna be one bad
>and cruel joke from bandai...

hopefully 0079 GM with the correct 2 piece (crotchless) skirt armor.


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