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> > HGUC line came in around 1998 or 99. The original
> 1/144 HG line however
> >
> err... no the hguc came 1990 and they were the
> rx-78, zeta, gundam mk II and
> double zeta

ehm...not really. "high grade universal century"
kicked off only fairly recently, with the guncannon,
gyan, zaku III custom, qubeley and hyaku shiki being
the first five, respectively, of the pack. '98 or
'99, i'm not sure. i have the gyan (currently
undergoing garrickization) and the zaku III (still
unbuilt, wondering how to garrickize it) and sold the
hyaku shiki to richie quite some time ago (because i
thought it'd have unsightly seam lines you can't get
rid off...and that turned out to be a bad move for me,
er, dammit, richie, i want to see that hyaku shiki
again next week! better bring it, or i'll work your
kampfer into ballerina poses again...>:P)

the 1/144 hg ones you're talking about (and i have the
zeta and the endoskeleton equipped mark II -- one of
my favorites) were labelled high grade, but only
happened to be UC because the 3 spinoff gundam shows
didn't exist yet circa 1988-90. they still sported
system injection.

but, seeing as how the old rx78, mark II, z and zz
haven't yet been released in the new-yet-old hguc
line...they may as well be part of the same line

any speculations on what type of gm the rumored hguc
gm is? i'm hoping for 0079 or 0080 style gm. if it
turns out to be the 8th ms gm, it's gonna be one bad
and cruel joke from bandai...


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