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Sun, 18 Feb 2001 16:40:19 -0800

>James Boren wrote:
>>Kondo takes his own time with telling the story. In typical Kondo
>>fashion he spends a lot of pages on the big battles. Here's a
>>rundown of what the books cover.
>>vol.1- ...
>Lots thanks! Would you mind if I borrow some of your info for my review?

Go ahead, I don't mind.

>>vol.4- Black trinary and the death of Matilda. The last third of
>>the book is Kondo's glorious vision of the battle of Odessa.
>Well ok, I don't mind Kondo freshing out the battle that was the
>turning point of
>OYW. But why did he dice and chop some other parts of the story? Episode
>4 was cut down to four and a half page long!

I guess you'd have to ask Kondo that himself ^_^


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