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> >Well I to say that most Wing fans won't see that on
> the net there to busy looking or makeing Gundam Wing
> sites hell not many know about his in the USA well
> don't make me start on the Gundam Wing Yaoi sites that
> was made for Japanese girls that could not get a real
> Relationship hell kids don't know about them you think
> that Gundam Wing Yaoi sites should be taken off for
> what content it has were Heero and Duo sucking each
> others balls thats not fair for one thing thats Nasty
> I don't think so thats his web site let him do it what
> he does. Most Wing sites that have some Yaoi have Bad
> Content you think he has Bad Content just by saying
> that Gundam Wing sucks I don't really care thats not
> big problem with me. <

I have nothing against Yaoi. I mean, i don't look at it, but hey, i'm not a
Japanese girl who can't find a real relationship.

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